Services for Individuals

At Jennings & Clouse, we believe that financial health is about more than just numbers. It’s about relationships with professionals you can trust. That’s why we specialize in getting to know you and developing solutions that will help you get what you want out of life. Our trusted guidance helps meet your goals. At Jennings & Clouse, we help your life add up.

Tax Preparation

The experts at Jennings & Clouse have decades of experience in tax return preparation. We prepare every type of individual and family tax return, including Federal, state and local returns and multi-state returns.

Tax Planning

Individuals and families throughout Middle Tennessee trust Jennings & Clouse to develop common-sense plans for a wide range of tax compliance issues, including fiduciary, estates and gifts, divorce and more. We serve as your advocate during audits by the Internal Revenue Service or state and local taxing authorities.

Estate & Tax Planning

Passing your wealth on to your heirs requires more than just a will, especially if your goal is to protect your assets from estate taxes. Jennings & Clouse works in partnership with local estate attorneys, financial planners and other experts to develop comprehensive estate plans designed to help you avoid paying more taxes that you have to. You get detailed recommendations to reduce your potential tax burden, including trusts, family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, asset re-titling options and more.

Professional Trust Services

When you need professional trustee services, Jennings & Clouse can help. As your trustee, Jennings & Clouse offers you the assurance of permanent, continuous and objective management of your assets. We deliver the highest level of professional service to meet the specific goals of the trust.

Retirement Planning

What kind of life do you want to lead after you retire? The decisions you make today will determine how you live out your golden years. Saving early and saving as much as possible are the keys to a comfortable retirement. The professionals at Jennings & Clouse help you develop a comprehensive retirement savings plan that accounts for every contingency and refer you to qualified professionals who can help you put your plan into action.

Education Planning

No matter when your child will attend college, you need to begin planning now. Jennings & Clouse can help you develop a plan to accumulate the assets required to give your children the kind of education they deserve.